9th August, 1945

The greatest war till date seen by this world had its ending marked on this day. By 1945, USA emerged as the imminent country to rise up as victorious in this long waging war with its allies. Yet, the devastation and horrific act that is performed at this end of this already ending war is still condemned by the world.

By 1945, among the small powers who were posing anticipation to the USA power, the most prominent was of Japan. The USA had its Manhattan Project showing success by July of the year and thus they started bombarding with their newly invented atomic bomb on Japan to end this already ending conflict for once and for all. The decision is a 74 years old mistake by the USA on this current date, but its price is being still paid by numerous Japanese families to date.

Japan, who was already slowing down and were getting anyway diminished due to constant lack of food, ammunition at their war – bases were not ready for this and when struck, it was the first sight in history to see how a thriving community can collapse in no time. Vandalism, war and rise and fall of power has been there since the birth of civilization. But, what the world saw that day, was never imagined till that day and with numerous countries now being nuclear powered, is considered would be an end of this world if ever repeated again in future.

Already being hit once on 6th of the very month, Japan already on their knees, picking casualties from Hiroshima faced the “Fat Man”, so was the name of the bomb, indicating to Winston Churchill, dropped by an American B29 Bomber on the target site at the local time of 1102. The explosion was specifically timed to be 1652 ft above the ground, to its maximum effect.

Nagasaki was not a populous area but was targeted due to its industrial importance. Japan destined to be damaged to the core by the USA, and the bombings were made to make sure of the death knell, that was imbibed upon the country.

With nuclear shadows still visible on the streets of the affected sites, Japan has recovered to regain its technological and industrial power, proving a point to the others. Nagasaki Day, the tormenting past of Japan still bleeds the international calendar when remembered.

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